General Dentistry

A dentist's work is never done. From general procedures that help maintain a visually aesthetic appearance and improve function in different structures of the mouth, to emergency treatments when teeth have been severely damaged.

As an experienced San Francisco Dentist, Dr. Katie Joyce wants her patients not only to regain chewing ability but also self confidence as they go out into society again with beautiful smiles.

Porcelain Crowns

Crowns are mostly used to provide strength to prevent a tooth from breaking down further. A crown involves reducing the tooth structure on the biting surface and around the perimeter of the tooth. This reduction provides adequate space for the thickness of the crown to withstand heavy biting forces and fracturing. The final crown fits over the prepared tooth structure and appears like a natural looking tooth. 

Dental Bridges

Bridges are a useful restorative option to replace a missing tooth, when there are adjacent teeth present. The neighboring teeth are used as anchors on the bridge and are prepared for crowns which are connected to a pontic, or “floating tooth.” This 3 unit fixed prosthesis is permanently cemented in the mouth and is not removable. This is an alternative option to an implant.

Composite (White) Fillings

Fillings are made of a composite resin material and are used to rebuild a tooth after all of the decayed tooth structure has been removed. The filling material is bonded onto the remaining tooth structure and cured or hardened with a blue light. 

Filling material can also be bonded to a tooth to change the shape, length or color of teeth. In some bonding cases, anesthetic does not need to be administered.

Amalgam (Silver) Filling Removal

At Sansome Dental, we understand that having a beautiful smile is important to you. That's why we offer metal-free restoration options that look natural and won't wear down opposing teeth. Our porcelain crowns, inlays, and bridges are designed to match the translucence of your natural teeth, and fitting them is a breeze. So if you're looking to turn that "metal mouth" into a beautiful smile, Sansome Dental is the place for you.


Sealants are protective resin-based fillings that are bonded into the deep grooves and fissures of teeth. Sealants can prevent these very susceptible areas from getting cavities. Sealants can be placed without any anesthetic. 

Bonding Sansome Dental Care San Francisco

Cosmetic Bonding

Cosmetic bonding can be used to restore function when teeth are broken, have cavities, or are stained but it is also extensively used at Sansome Dental for patients who want a simple way to improve their smile. Cosmetic bonding uses a composite resin material that, unlike crowns, veneers, or bridges, can be applied during a single appointment. The composite resin will be shaped to your tooth and we will apply a special light in order to set it into its permanent position.

Once this is completed we polish the material to match your natural teeth and the procedure is finished! Your newly created smile should give you a look that perfectly blends with your natural teeth. They key to these results is taking the time to match the natural tooth color, something that Dr. Joyce always takes great care while performing.

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